Monday, 11 August 2008

Operation Independent Mobility

Huzzah – six down, four to go. This week it’s all change (pardon the pun, really wasn’t intended but I’m going to leave it in anyway) as there is now a bus between Norwich and Thetford and then a train from there to Cambridge. I’m a bit worried about me at the moment though, as I’ve spent the last fortnight convinced that the bus is the last part of the journey, not the first. Oh well, I seem to manage pretty well.
This morning I snubbed the bus/train combo in favour of three trains – Norwich –Stowmarket, Stowmarket – Ely then Ely – Cambridge. It sounds like a lot of hassle (let’s face it, it’s no picnic) but it got me there twenty minutes earlier than the bus, which leaves at exactly the same time. All important when trying to maintain that 4pm leave time. Was quite a pleasant journey, actually.

I sat next to a boy on the Stowmarket-Ely train who I could’ve sworn was about 20. When he pulled his ticket out for the conductor, it had that awful five letter word stamped across it: CHILD. I feel so old. Obviously, I looked again and he was actually an embryo. Twenty-five feels ancient at times like these. Especially when I sneaked a peek at his i-pod and he was playing Foals – not “Cassius” either. Other than that, no real characters on the train today. I guess the Natives have either persevered with their Driving Alliance or all gone on holiday together. On a train holiday, no doubt.

Nevermind – my driving test is hurtling ever closer – a mere six weeks away. Eep. I get nervous tummy just thinking about it. I have had a two hour lesson every week for a year though, as well as a little bit of practice inbetween. I should be fine. Anmoyingly, I cancelled a test in August as I didn’t feel ready, but the lesson after the day I should have had it was the most confident lesson I’d had in a long time. The manoeuvres went swimmingly, driving was great and I feel that I would have passed my test with that performance. Oh well – I just need to hang on in there for another month or so. I am hideously nervous though. I tend to do well in exams, but I’ve always stuck to the theory type subjects, you know? It’s exciting, too though – I could go anywhere I wanted, on my own, without having to rely on public transport or Mr Charming! Brill. I’ll probably still catch the train though, I’ll just get even less exercise by driving to the station instead of being good and walking.

Speaking of which, I am currently awaiting news on a project that, if it comes to something, will be aces. Seriously. I have sworn myself to secrecy as well as the few friends who I’ve told, but watch this space for future updates.
Have different nervous type symptoms. In a good way. That sounds like I’m pregnant – I’m not. Nothing to do with house or baby or anything like that. All will become clear in due course, as BB might say.

Wish me luck for the return journey. All journeys between Norwich and Cambridge were cancelled this morning. Hmm.

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