Monday, 18 August 2008

Modern day addictions

Another week, another... dollar? I can never remember how the saying is meant to go.
Anyway, my point is, it’s Monday. The rain is still falling from the sky and I am still neglecting to wear a jacket or even carry an umbrella.

I’m pretty happy today as the engineering work has officially finished, which means my journey now takes an hour and twenty minutes instead of two hours and multiple changes. Huzzah.
The train was disconcertingly full this morning though. Other people actually had to sit next to me. My favourite was the man who sat down across the table from me and proceeded to actually kick my feet out of the way. When I protested (by saying “Ouch”) he barked at me to move my bag, which was nestling happily between my feet, to the rack. As if, upon seeing a fairly young girl alone he deduced he could be the boss of me. I replied with “It’s fine where it is, actually” and then he tried to start a foot war, which I politely ignored. I don’t understand some people. There isn’t a lot of room, granted, but I try to stick to my side of the table as much as possible. I do have long legs though, so I’m aware that I take up more room than people would expect me to.

This month has to be the slowest month in the world. Fact. I’m sure I last got paid about six weeks ago, and yet here I am, with another week to go. This month has been tremendously busy though – in a time span of a fortnight there has been no less than six birthdays, that I can think of off the top of my head. Darn winter, making everyone go to bed earlier. Oh, winter. I can feel it already – let’s face it, our summer happened somewhere around mid-May. Our grass is already out of control again, but it’s never dry for long enough so we can cut it properly. I say we. I mean Mr Charming.

Oh, and I’d just like to say. Hello. My name is Suzanne, and I’m a scrabulous addict. It’s like a disease. If I get beaten and my score diminishes rapidly, I sulk. If I win, my score never increases by enough. I check scrabulous every ten minutes or so, to see if anyone has moved since I checked it last. I think I need help. Well, maybe just a bit more willpower. Or I may have to self-block facebook at work. But then I wouldn’t be able to play Scrabulous, which may mean that I think about it all of the time and get no work done anyway.... In fact, if any of the people who might be reading this fancy a game – feel free to click on my scrabulous link. I play SOWPODS regular games and normally score over 300. I sometimes use an anagram helper but never use words I don’t understand, or board generators.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to urge everyone to read my friend’s film review blog. He’s going to be writing for the NME pretty soon, so catch him before he’s catapulted into the mainstream and leaves all of us lowly bloggers behind... Also, he said he’d read my blog as I read his, so maybe he’ll be more interested with a bona fide mention.

I've been thinking about a conversation we had this morning at work. One of my colleagues commented on a new breed of commuter in this area - that of the business lady with trainers on. Personally, I hate this 'look', and said so in my usual subtle way. My other (male) colleague then told me that I didn't 'get' it and people who do that are trying to be comfortable. I replied that there are flats for this purpose, which means that you don't look like a moron. The conversation was terminated there, which I think was a bit of a shame because there could have been some interesting discussion. My office is about 99% male, so the view would have been different. It still got me thinking though - is it just sensible to wear trainers with your work outfit and then slip on heels at work (especially if you're visiting the gym during the day) or is it plain fugly?

Of course, it's a moot point for us really. We wear jeans and t-shirts.

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owen said...

To quote alan partridge , to quote shakin' stevens... 'Lovely stuff'.

You can tell your a English grad. I like your flow. Does that sound rude? Yes. Yes it does.

Will you get really offended if I say its sounds 'feminine' (not feminist). Well you shouldn't because I mean it as a complement. It sounds like you and thats the best us bloggers can do.

We will discuss it soon and you can make me feel all uncomfortable about praising you.

It certainly isn't contrived.


Oh and thanks for the shout out.